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Standing in his Glory. In a committed relationship with Jesus Christ, my lover, eternal husband AND Lord of my life - Writing for Christ.....set free to fly!!! Grateful beyond measure. Mother of two amazing children. Encouraging people to embrace their destiny and live their God given purpose….. Please visit my website: to find out more about me and read up on my previous blogs. Looking forward to seeing you there.

FAILING as a path to GRACE

Beautifully written, and right on: you are not measured by success and failure, you are loved by the creator of the universe. You are no longer a slave to fear. You are a child of God. Listen to the call of Grace and receive a life of freedom in Christ Jesus. Life to the fullest, he came to earth, to give it to you. While you were still sinners, Christ died for you. Receive it – Amen 🙌

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It has always been, is, and always will be HIM, whom my soul loves

Yes, my friends, that is the truth, the absolute truth.

I am in love with Jesus – his counterfeit, make semblance of true love by empty words, will never be for me.  If that means, I have to surrender my heart’s desire, to be reunited with my man, the one God brought into my life 22 years ago, to walk in the garden of the Lord’s delight with him, and spend the rest of my life in the here and now all alone, until Jesus himself returns, so be it.

When I dated for a little while, 4 years ago, a man, who ‘coincidentally’ had the same last name of the one, whom my soul loves, I thought maybe I had gotten the name wrong. Only to find out, that he was not ready to truly commit to love, the way God wants us to love our spouses and companions in life.

I ended it on the command of the Lord 6 short months later, after having realized, that, what I truly wanted, was a relationship with Jesus, loving me, the way, Jesus loved the church, laying down his life for her.

This can only be, if both partners love Jesus more than each other. Because only when Christ’s love flows through us, true love can happen.

Yes, I am willing to wait for his true love to find me in the here and now. If I have to, I will wait for an eternity, for paradise with him. For that is what I truly want. Heaven on Earth – Paradise, walking alongside the one, whom my soul loves, in communion with God, the father, God, the son and God, the Holy Spirit.

I promised I would wait for him forever. I broke my promise  before….., when I settled for a compromise, and when I started dating in 2013. I am forgiven, because I did not know better. Now I do know better.

This time I won’t let go. Because I simply can’t.

Jesus won’t let go either. My soul is tethered to him. He is my anchor and my shield. His staff protects me. And he leads me besides still waters, and gives me his peace.

In his strength I can do all things and I know, with him, my best is yet to come. My dreams are safe with him, and his promises will come to pass, in his timing. I surrender it all to him. In his time he makes all things beautiful.

Thank you Jesus – in you I place my trust – forever and ever.


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Happy Easter

Hello my friends

It is Easter, and the Lord has been good to us. We have had many ups and downs for a while, but in the end: all is good, for in his time, he makes all things beautiful.

Because he lives, we can face tomorrow unafraid. I am more and more grateful for what he has done this fateful day, 2000+ years ago… – for he molds me more and more into his likeness, and I love him more and more, the more i understand his deep deep love for us.

Because he called me, to praise him with the harp, here I am, playing another song for the audience of one – my Jesus. I hope you enjoy it, too.

Beauty and the Beast 

His death on the cross gave us victory. Let’s walk in the resurrection power of the risen Lord.

Amen 🙌

There is a new song in my heart 🎶

I am grateful for the opportunity, that I had, to truly get my music back on: last week Saturday I played background music 🎶 at a Kiwanis Fundraiser Event. 

At first I was crazy nervous. Then his peace settled into my soul and I was totally calm. Since I was obedient to his call, to accept the challenge, he wasn’t going to let me make a fool of myself. 

It went well – here I am sharing one of the songs with you: Getting my music back on….

I hope you enjoy it. #praisingjesusforhisfaithfulness 


A Symbiosis Song – beautifully written by a fellow blogger ‘Beacons of life’ thank you 😊 

The picture is mine, and it really has no connection to the post. It does however have a deeper meaning for me, in connection with this post. Please just enjoy the beautiful words, written by a fellow blogger and enjoy this group of dancers, that I had the privilege to at least partially watch grow up. Those that are no longer sharing the journey of dance with us, namely my son: they are missed. We enjoyed the duets and group dances we had with these beautiful girls. 

The piano player strikes the keys Each note leads to a song Their symbiotic chords Carry us along The keys are black and white Strikingly opposite Their colors bear no symbiosis But their songs are…

Source: A Symbiosis Song

My Grace is sufficient for you

Oh, my word, it’s true indeed.
Yes, my friends, it truly is. I am blown away by the goodness of the Lord, his grace is sufficient always and forever.

What I have learned in the last little while, is, that we, as the human race, still are bound in the old belief systems, that teach us, that works will get us to where we need to go. This is not so. For in his grace we are able to do all things. And we do not have to doubt him coming through for us. He will.  When we do trust him whole heartedly, he is there. He is there no matter what. We just cannot see it, if we walk in the limitations of our own thinking, which has been learned and passed on through the ages.

We need to, once and for all, drop this doubting mind set and walk in his grace – not focus on his grave, the death he took on for all of us. He had to go through it, we don’t.

Please, my friends, I ask you, to make his grave (death) count, and walk in his living grace, his abundance and his resurrection power.

I am – for I Am is always with me, wherever I am headed. Thank you – living and walking in his light all the days of my life.

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You are flawless, perfect in his sight

Yes, you are. He loves you with an everlasting love. Christ died for you, that you would have eternal life and that you would have it to the fullest.

Grab hold of this reality. Christ died – his death paid it all. Go and walk in his peace and in his resurrection power now. Otherwise his sacrifice will be in vain.

How sad, many people, even after having tasted the father’s love, yes, even after having tasted the love of their eternal husband, that have walked in the guidance of the Holy Spirit for some time, start to doubt it all all over again, to find themselves be bound to works, judgement and criticism, fear and worry all over again.

It’s not necessary – God, when he looks at you, he sees the perfection of Christ in you. There is no condemnation in Christ. Only love, grace, peace, righteousness, all bound in one. It’s his gift to you – receive it.

When you give him all the pieces, he resets you to the manufacturer’s settings, that were deposited into your being, when he created you. You are made in his image. Walk in this truth. Amen

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When the truth and the light appear, you walk straight into Paradise

I never thought, life could look like that. Being transported into the past (February 2013 to be exact). Today (a few days ago), a similar situation occurred. In 2013 I was devastated. Today, I know, I am a step closer to Paradise.Why? Because Jesus came and renewed my mind. In him, I can find the beauty in all things, a blessing in all circumstances.

Grateful in and through the storms of the last years, God, the Holy Spirit and my precious Jesus have taken residency in my heart. Everything I perceive is filtered through their lense of grace, mercy, forgiveness and mostly their profound and steadfast love for me.

I am no longer lost. I am loved by the creator of the Heaven and Earth. I see his hand upon my life everywhere I go. Every set back in the past, has held a stepping stone into a brighter future.

His hand of blessing rests upon my head. Forever grateful. 

His love has made my life so much richer, I never knew, life in the here and now could look like that. But it’s true, I have truly found rest in the arms of the eternal, peace in the here and now, joy despite the circumstances.

In his time, he makes all things beautiful – my time is now. He’s got marvelous plans for me. I am his – and he is mine. Together forever. Such joy. Such peace. Paradise

Source: When the truth and the light appear, your walk straight into Paradise