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Standing in his Glory. In a committed relationship with Jesus Christ, my lover, eternal husband AND Lord of my life - Writing for Christ.....set free to fly!!! Grateful beyond measure. Mother of two amazing children. Encouraging people to embrace their destiny and live their God given purpose….. Please visit my website: to find out more about me and read up on my previous blogs. Looking forward to seeing you there.

The Shack – the Movie

I have read the book for the 1st time in 2009. What an amazing read. I felt touched by the love of God and knew I had spent the night (could not put the book down to get some sleep) with God – the Holy Spirit – Jesus. The triune God. 

I did not sleep much that night, yet I was energized and wide awake the next day. I reread the book in 2013 – again, the Spirit of the Lord touched me through the pages of the book. Healed my heart in places, I never even knew. Yesterday I went to see the Movie – amazing. 

No worries fellow believers, the movie does not claim, that either of the personas in this movie are God.I don’t know, if you read the Chuck Black Series ‘Knights of Arrethrae’ or any other Christian book for that matter – I did and I loved them. 

Ultimately it’s always the same thing: fiction bringing the Fibre of WHO God really is, closer to mankind. Those that have not been able to relate to God, have never opened their heart to him, can learn about his true nature: He is a good good father! 

Unbeknownst to me, I found myself in tears this morning: having to let go of some pain, I did not even know still existed in my heart, I believe the Holy Spirit triggered these emotions to be released, because I allowed that deep pain to surface, as the movie touched me on a very deep level. 

Trusting the goodness of the Father yet more. 

See, I have been in love with Jesus for years now, he is my one and only – but because we share a long distance relationship (He is in heaven, I am not yet) – it’s tough. I long for him in the here and now every waking moment of my life. 

There are moments I cope with the loneliness of the here and now better, and there are moments, when I can’t cope at all, feeling overwhelmed and alone. 

I do believe, that one day we will be reunited – but due to these unresolved, unreleased emotions, that I had to surrender and forgive this morning, I had not been able to perceive God in all his goodness and kindness towards me…..YET. 

Deep in my heart, I still harboured the fear, that he will not give me my miracle and my heart’s desire…… It all results from not having forgiven my father for how he treated my mother, when I was little, how I always felt criticized and judged by my father, and my siblings. 

God wanted me to see, that I needed to cast this pain and hurt unto him, for he cares for me. It needed to be surrendered to his profound wisdom – he, who knows all mankind, knows how to deal with all of us, gently, tenderly and just.

I forgive them, told my Abba Father, how sorry I am, that I still saw him as stern, not preparing my place in heaven for me, giving me my reward, when he returns for his girl, his bride, his treasure:……my happily ever after here on earth. Because I could not see him in all his Glory and all his Mercy and Grace. 

The book, now the movie – The Shack – has opened my eyes to even deeper truths, of who my Abba father truly is. I am thankful, and I can only recommend this movie to all of you. Those who never met him, and those who think they know him well……maybe you can still learn something, if you open your mind and your heart, I am sure, the Holy Spirit will touch your heart, and lead you even deeper into the arms of the beloved.

Amen. Praise God. To him be all Glory, Honour and Praise

Source: The Shack – the Movie

From Glory to Glory

When we surrender all of us, to all of him, God can truly show up in our lives. It is then, when miracles can happen. In the course of the last month, we have seen miracles unfold. When the Ego is surrendered to the Spirit of God – the will of God – true life will emerge, the life to the fullest, that we all have once we arrive at Christ Consciousness. Will you give all your pain, all your struggles to him, to receive the Crown of Life? We, here at Trillium Creek Ministries, hope we can assist you in finding your true identity in Christ.

Source: From Glory to Glory

A letter to the Prime Minister of Canada

Dear Prime Minister, Mr. Justin Trudeau

I am writing this letter to you, because I am prompted to do so by the Holy Spirit and because my children and I would love to stay in Canada.

We have lived here for nearly 9 years. My daughter was 3 and my son was 7 when we moved here.

I have been living in Canada on and off for close to 20 years. I immigrated in 1983 with my original family. Having had my landed immigrant status for almost 3 decades when I was advised to renounce my status in February 2010, due to an absence whilst working for the mother company of the Canadian Company, my original family started in 1983, abroad for several years.

When I lived abroad I got married and had my two children, whose cousins, aunt and uncle live in Canada, namely Toronto and Halton Hills. When my marriage failed, I wanted my children to grow up, where their relatives (my original family) lived.

In the course of renouncing my status, and being here on a work visa, as an Intra Company Transferee, many things stalled receiving the permanent residency for me and my children, such as quota for the year 2014 being reached, whereas the numbers on the government website did not reflect that fact, upon consulting these numbers before submitting the application.

Then the laws changed and now I am older than 50 and don’t get points for age anymore.

I called immigration Canada in December and was told, I could easily extend my work visa and also apply for permanent residency online. This again does not represent the situation when I want to start the process online.

The system tells me, I am not eligible at this time.

My children know Canada as their only home. The mother company has been closed due to my father’s age, and his health. So there is really no going back for us.

We need your help, Mr. Trudeau, for my Visa is expiring at the beginning of next month, but we do want to stay, and we are running out of time and options.

Hopefully we can discuss this matter and find a solution to this problem.

I am trusting you and this amazing country, to help us in our quest, to make Canada our permanent home.


Tanja C. Heintz


Are you simply doing your homework, or are you pursuing your assignment

Pointsettia – the Christ flower

God gives us a purpose, a destiny – you may also call this an assignment here on earth. Then there is homework to do, dealing with past challenges, hurts and the emotional, physical and spiritual residue, collected either by your own choices, or handed down to you through the ages from your line of ancestors. These are two separate parts of your existence.

We live in a time, where cleaning up our mess or the mess left for us to clean up by others, needs to be addressed immediately – some may call this karma. We cannot leave the cleaning up to the generations after us anymore…..the consequences of the choices we make in our lives are more or less instant in this day and age. Doing our homework, cleaning up our mess is important and vital to the collective we live in and to the world.

We also have a purpose, an assignment to fulfill. Following Christ’s lead and moving forward in the direction of the fulfillment of our assignment, will actually greatly affect the cleaning up of the mess we live in. Therefore, don’t hide away from your assignment, saying: my circumstances are not right just yet……start listening to your heart of hearts and allow assignment living to begin. Get started!!!

Source: Are you simply doing your homework, or are you pursuing your assignment

Can You trust again

After Forgiveness comes Trust…..We all know, that Forgiveness is the attitude of the heart, that allows love to grow. Without forgiveness, love cannnot thrive. We all mess up, we all need forgiveness. Recently I learnt, that even though Forgiveness is the first step, the next step is just as vital: TRUST

The question is: Can we trust that relationship again – with our heart, with our existence? If the answer is NO – we better move on. But if the answer is YES – we can lift the relationship to a brand new level. Reach Heaven in the here and now. And that means any relationship (family, love, work, communty – even country).My question now is: will you trust again?

Merry Christmas to y’all


You are his masterpiece, you are his bride – Heaven is only a heartbeat away.

Joy is only a heartbeat away, my sweet friends,

I meant to upload a Christmas song, I played on my harp for you, but it didn’t work – here is now a picture. If you want to hear the song, please go to my YouTube channel Tanja Charlotte – Silent Night!!!

The waves have been high here, the peace that was delivered to my family mid October didn’t last. Again we have fighting and accusing galore.

Accusations are flung at me as well. Yet, because it’s accusations and harsh words, I know, they are not from my father, therefore I am choosing to ignore them, and look up to my precious Jesus for refuge. Last night, when I went to bed, I had no words for my prayers……but because I know, that the Holy Spirit intercedes for me, when I cannot even find the words to pray, I could find rest in the arms of my Beloved (Jesus that is – no, I am not seeing another one).

And sure enough, this morning I wake up, and the peace inside my heart is almost tangible. I am grateful beyond words, for his faithfulness. My sweet Jesus never fails me!!!

I am still lonely at times and I wish my man would be here and wrap his arms around me – just whispering in my ears: trust me, all will be well…… – I know this longing will never cease, I just cannot get used to not being with him, but I trust the timing the Lord has for me.

Hoping I will be able to upload a personal message to you soon. God bless you, my friends, this Christmas Season.

Youschka Charlotte 🎄😘🎶

The title is set….

Hello my dear dear friends

Life has continued to be an uphill battle, but I still set up the new blog (mind you there is nothing else set yet, just the new title…..and the site is reserved). Everything else will be established one day at a time.

But here it is:  the web address: – the name In his presence 4evermore (dare to live your dream and walk into your destiny). I am absolutely blown away by the goodness God has shown me over the years, how he has guided my steps, how, at an impasse, he would make sure that I would understand exactly, what he means. Sometimes we only understand fractions and then our human mind jumps to conclusions…..or at least mine did the last few weeks.

First I thought I had understood his message, only to double guess it again…..taking the back seat – it happened again this weekend – but this morning he revealed it to me more than clearly – and as I said before: I am blown away at what he plans for me and how he is blessing me.

Now all I have to do, is to walk boldly into my future – dear past, I thank you for the lessons, but now I am ready to begin my future in the promised land. Thank you, Jesus, for telling me, that it is mine to receive. I do not need to let others pass before me.

Moses couldn’t enter the promised land, but Joshua lead the Israelites there. I will not falter anymore, and let my heart be assaulted by doubt, worry and fear and feelings of not being worth it, or good enough – I am, and I know it – Glory to God for showing me my true value in him!!!

His promises are true yesterday, today and tomorrow – and I will claim them for my life – enough tarried… is my time, and I will cross the Jordan, trusting that he will curl up the river and let me cross dry and surefooted. That he will provide our livelihood on the other side of the river.

Until we are safely settled on the other side, there is lot to accomplish, so please be patient with me….. – the blog will be published, as soon as there is news to share. I might share the odd update here and I will let you know, when you can visit me there.

Oh, and I still don’t have a clue, what this all means, and how it will play itself out – but I know, that all I need to know will be given to me at his perfect time…..FOR: in his time he makes all things beautiful!!!

In his grace forever – it truly is enough.
Forever your friend

Easter blessing

Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.
In his time he will make all things beautiful.

My sweet friends, as this Good Friday is about to dawn, I want to remember what Christ did for us: he became sin, he who never sinned, he who was the righteousness of God himself, gave up his privilege of being in the presence of God at all times, that we would be brought into the presence of God forevermore. That we would become part of this most amazing relationship that was God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) – or should I say that we would be awakened to remember our sonship through Christ. Through the sacrifice Jesus gave to us by dying on the cross, being separated from God, we are called to come into the Presence of God clothed in his righteousness. From this day forward, God would see Christ in us, we had been redeemed for all ages.

Yet there is still those of us, who think it’s only through works, that we can make our way back into heaven. Yet that means, that we do not believe that Jesus really was the Messiah, and that would declare his sacrifice at the cross null and void. Thus we declare that Jesus’ death was not enough.

I can assure you, it was enough. Over the month of January and February and even parts of March, the evil one sure tried to rob me of my peace in Christ Jesus and rob me of the privilege of dwelling in the presence of of God – but thankfully I have truly been given shelter under the wings of God Almighty.

God prevailed once more in my life, but it cost me tears and heartache, and a daily surrender of my will under the Lordship of Christ – I had to let go of all that I thought I would be, or all that my life would be, and surrender it a million times over to the will of God for my life – learning to let him be in charge… riding my bike downhill and taking my hands off and trusting completely that he knows the plans he has for me. Learning to be patient once more.

But my life has been in his hands from the beginning of time until I was born into this world, and since I consciously let him reign over my life, the peace that reigns in my heart has surpassed all understanding. Since I gave the control of my life and circumstances into his capable hands, the joy and peace that is with me day in and day out, has been the most precious gift.

We all have to choose at one point or another, if we choose the Lordship of Christ, our Savior. or if we choose the Lordship of the father of lies. It’s not going to happen without a fight within yourself, cause the evil one will not let you go without a fight. But if you trust God and if you believe that Christ died for you and that you are forgiven, you will truly be set free to fly, and the devil will flee for ever.

Remember, my friends: Christ died for our sins, he offered himself freely, so that the wrath of God could be satisfied. He won the victory over death and he defeated the devil.

Now, I urge you, live in the power of the resurrected Christ, let’s declare collectively that Jesus’ death was not in vain, but that in him we have eternal life and let’s claim our sonship of God through Christ – and walk sure footed into the destiny God prepared for us before the beginning of time.

Remember, my friends, that God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son to redeem mankind back into heaven with him.

Let’s trust him – he knows our pain and he sees our tears. He promises that he will fight our fights for us. He is a just God, if we only turned to him in prayer and sought his presence at all times. It is then that he can fill that void in our hearts and set us free to reach our destiny.

His grace will always be sufficient for us – we need nothing else but him taking residency in our hearts and us surrendered to his guidance, to be allowed back into paradise with him.

May this Easter bring the love of Christ into your heart and may this be a brand new start. May God bless you and keep you, may his favor rest on your life today and in the days to come.

With love from my heart to yours, forever your friend and sister in Christ – Amen

In his presence forevermore

Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added into you.
In his time he makes all things beautiful.

Hello my dear friends – yes, I am back….stronger than before!!! I will be in touch with you again via my new blog ‘In his Presence forevermore’ – it will most likely still be a while, until I will have the new blog running, but I wanted to give you the heads up.

God has been more than faithful and he has given me a deeper understanding of his will for his children – upon the asking, he has given me his wisdom and has shown me that his ways truly are higher than ours.

I am grateful beyond words – he has assured me, that indeed he is here….right here with me!!! That’s so awesome!!!!

In retrospect: as hard as January and February were…..even March had bumpy patches still….since I have surrendered all that I am and all that I thought that I would be all over again, I have been redeemed once more and I can see that despite the tears, God again had a gift in all the heartache – I am stronger than I was before, I know now more than ever, that he truly knows what we need, to be crafted deeper and deeper into the vine – to be changed from glory to glory….more and more into his likeness.

I have shed gazillions of tears, and I am sure, there will be more, but each tear over the years has been collected and has not been in vain – actually every single one of them has been used to bring healing to my broken heart – and I have to say, I am grateful for each and everyone of them….. – because when I handed them over to God, he did heal my heart and make me whole again and he will continue to do so until I am back in heaven with him.

At this point I have no clue, what the future holds, but I am willing to go the distance!!! Trusting that God is my rock and that he holds my tomorrow – that he will never leave me…..#thatsallineed2know to move forward, pressing on towards the the finish line, to receive the price that God has promised to those who believe and trust in him: Eternal Life and Peace on Earth!!!

Heaven is a place, where love comes first – let’s make Heaven a place on Earth!!! I want to go there….are you coming with me???

See you there – I love you, and I missed you!!!

God bless you today and always – sleep tight and stay tuned for the new blog ‘In his Presence forevermore’ (Encouraging Words)


‘Nuff said…..

In his time he makes all things beautiful.
Seek first the kingdom of heaven and all these things will be added unto you.

Hello my dear dear friends,

Today I am saying good bye to you – I am not sure if this is only a temporary good-bye and if I am going to write again at a later time in my life, or if it is a permanent farewell…..

I absolutely loved being with you for all this time….. – it’s been 2years and 3 months that I started publishing my blogs –

Uplcose and Personal (In the name of the father)

Yielding to the Spirit (In the name of the father)

Happily Ever After (In the name of the father)

together we are strong (In the name if the father)

And lately In his peace forever (Encouraging words) right here at

I had the most amazing time in my life, writing to you, and sharing about my walk with Christ, and how my faith has grown over the years. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your faithfulness and I hope that my story, which is ultimately his story, or how he has impacted my life (Christ that is), has been instrumental in trusting God’s all surpassing love for your life.

The last few weeks/months/years have been very transforming ones for me, he lifted me high and higher over the course if the last almost 2.5 years, ever since I started writing.

The last weeks found me struggling, but only to show me, that I am really not alone, that he hears my heart, and that he strengthens me through trial. He absolutely knows best, what we need, to transform us into the person he created us to be.

A few days ago I was told, to stop blogging, and journal a bit more for just me and him. Start writing a diary again.

As I said, I don’t know if this means for ever or only for the time being – but I know, he will make that known in his time.

It feels as if something has been completed in my life…..I cannot put my finger on it yet, what that really means for my future, but I know, that I am going, where he takes me. My trust in him has grown tremendously, even over the last most turbulent weeks…..

He has lead me beside peaceful waters again, and I look forward to what is going to unfold before me, excited about the adventures him and I will get to live.

I will miss you, but I know, that he has a hold on your heart, and that he will take you, where you belong – I only helped reminding you of his great love for you.

With loads and loads of love,
I remain your faithful friend and maybe our paths will cross again.

Until then, may the Lord of Lords bless you and keep you, may he let his face shine upon you forever and ever.

In his strength, his peace and his grace forever.


Youschka Charlotte

P.S. I am on Facebook (Faithbook as I like to call it) – Youschka Charlotte and on Twitter – Youschka Charlotte and I would love to be your friend.

P.S. I love you