In his Presence forevermore

Hello my dear friends – yes, I am back….stronger than before!!! I will be in touch with you again via my new blog ‘In his Presence forevermore’ – it will most likely still be a while, until I will have the new blog running, but I wanted to give you the heads up.

God has been more than faithful and he has given me a deeper understanding of his will for his children – upon the asking, he has given me his wisdom and has shown me that his ways truly are higher than ours.

I am grateful beyond words – he has assured me, that he indeed is here….right here with me/with all of us all the time!!! That’s so awesome!!!!

In retrospect: as hard as January and February were…..even March had bumpy patches still….since I have surrendered all that I am and all that I thought that I would be all over again, I have been redeemed once more and I can see that despite the tears, God again had a gift in all the heartache – I am stronger than I was before, I know now more than ever, that he truly knows what we need, to be crafted deeper and deeper into the vine – to be changed from glory to glory….more and more into his likeness.

I have shed gazillions of tears, and I am sure, there will be more, but each tear over the years has been collected and has not been in vain – actually every single one of them has been used to bring healing to my broken heart – and I have to say, I am grateful for each and everyone of them….. – because, when I handed them over to God, he could heal my heart and make me whole again.

At this point I have no clue, what the future holds, but I am willing to go the distance!!! Trusting that God is my rock and that he holds my tomorrow – that he will never leave me…..#thatsallineed2know to move forward, pressing on towards the the finish line, to receive the price that God has promised to those who believe and trust in him: Eternal Life and Peace on Earth!!!

Heaven is a place, where love comes first – let’s make Heaven a place on Earth!!! I want to go there….are you coming with me???

See you there – I love you, and I missed you!!!

God bless you today and always – sleep tight and stay tuned for the new blog ‘In his Presence forevermore’ – Dare to live your dream and walk boldly into your destiny!!!


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