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It has always been, is, and always will be HIM, whom my soul loves

Yes, my friends, that is the truth, the absolute truth.

I am in love with Jesus – his counterfeit, make semblance of true love by empty words, will never be for me.  If that means, I have to surrender my heart’s desire, to be reunited with my man, the one God brought into my life 22 years ago, to walk in the garden of the Lord’s delight with him, and spend the rest of my life in the here and now all alone, until Jesus himself returns, so be it.

When I dated for a little while, 4 years ago, a man, who ‘coincidentally’ had the same last name of the one, whom my soul loves, I thought maybe I had gotten the name wrong. Only to find out, that he was not ready to truly commit to love, the way God wants us to love our spouses and companions in life.

I ended it on the command of the Lord 6 short months later, after having realized, that, what I truly wanted, was a relationship with Jesus, loving me, the way, Jesus loved the church, laying down his life for her.

This can only be, if both partners love Jesus more than each other. Because only when Christ’s love flows through us, true love can happen.

Yes, I am willing to wait for his true love to find me in the here and now. If I have to, I will wait for an eternity, for paradise with him. For that is what I truly want. Heaven on Earth – Paradise, walking alongside the one, whom my soul loves, in communion with God, the father, God, the son and God, the Holy Spirit.

I promised I would wait for him forever. I broke my promise  before….., when I settled for a compromise, and when I started dating in 2013. I am forgiven, because I did not know better. Now I do know better.

This time I won’t let go. Because I simply can’t.

Jesus won’t let go either. My soul is tethered to him. He is my anchor and my shield. His staff protects me. And he leads me besides still waters, and gives me his peace.

In his strength I can do all things and I know, with him, my best is yet to come. My dreams are safe with him, and his promises will come to pass, in his timing. I surrender it all to him. In his time he makes all things beautiful.

Thank you Jesus – in you I place my trust – forever and ever.


Source: It has always been, is, and always will be HIM, whom my soul loves