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When the truth and the light appear, you walk straight into Paradise

I never thought, life could look like that. Being transported into the past (February 2013 to be exact). Today (a few days ago), a similar situation occurred. In 2013 I was devastated. Today, I know, I am a step closer to Paradise.Why? Because Jesus came and renewed my mind. In him, I can find the beauty in all things, a blessing in all circumstances.

Grateful in and through the storms of the last years, God, the Holy Spirit and my precious Jesus have taken residency in my heart. Everything I perceive is filtered through their lense of grace, mercy, forgiveness and mostly their profound and steadfast love for me.

I am no longer lost. I am loved by the creator of the Heaven and Earth. I see his hand upon my life everywhere I go. Every set back in the past, has held a stepping stone into a brighter future.

His hand of blessing rests upon my head. Forever grateful. 

His love has made my life so much richer, I never knew, life in the here and now could look like that. But it’s true, I have truly found rest in the arms of the eternal, peace in the here and now, joy despite the circumstances.

In his time, he makes all things beautiful – my time is now. He’s got marvelous plans for me. I am his – and he is mine. Together forever. Such joy. Such peace. Paradise

Source: When the truth and the light appear, your walk straight into Paradise