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You are flawless, perfect in his sight

Yes, you are. He loves you with an everlasting love. Christ died for you, that you would have eternal life and that you would have it to the fullest.

Grab hold of this reality. Christ died – his death paid it all. Go and walk in his peace and in his resurrection power now. Otherwise his sacrifice will be in vain.

How sad, many people, even after having tasted the father’s love, yes, even after having tasted the love of their eternal husband, that have walked in the guidance of the Holy Spirit for some time, start to doubt it all all over again, to find themselves be bound to works, judgement and criticism, fear and worry all over again.

It’s not necessary – God, when he looks at you, he sees the perfection of Christ in you. There is no condemnation in Christ. Only love, grace, peace, righteousness, all bound in one. It’s his gift to you – receive it.

When you give him all the pieces, he resets you to the manufacturer’s settings, that were deposited into your being, when he created you. You are made in his image. Walk in this truth. Amen

Source: You are flawless, perfect in his sight