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My Grace is sufficient for you

Oh, my word, it’s true indeed.
Yes, my friends, it truly is. I am blown away by the goodness of the Lord, his grace is sufficient always and forever.

What I have learned in the last little while, is, that we, as the human race, still are bound in the old belief systems, that teach us, that works will get us to where we need to go. This is not so. For in his grace we are able to do all things. And we do not have to doubt him coming through for us. He will.  When we do trust him whole heartedly, he is there. He is there no matter what. We just cannot see it, if we walk in the limitations of our own thinking, which has been learned and passed on through the ages.

We need to, once and for all, drop this doubting mind set and walk in his grace – not focus on his grave, the death he took on for all of us. He had to go through it, we don’t.

Please, my friends, I ask you, to make his grave (death) count, and walk in his living grace, his abundance and his resurrection power.

I am – for I Am is always with me, wherever I am headed. Thank you – living and walking in his light all the days of my life.

Source: My Grace is sufficient for you